Trust Milestones
The main aim of the Trust is to spread knowledge and information about the life and teachings of Sai Baba, through the spoken and written word, music and the audio-visual media. Six books in the Marathi language have been published and made available to the public at affordable prices by the Trust. The message of Sai Baba which is universally applicable is primarily ethical and lays stress on tolerance, promotion of communal understanding and harmony and brotherhood of humanity. ‘Sabka Malik Ek’ is briefly his message to the world.

The activities undertaken by the Trust are gradually being widened according to the financial resources available to the Trust. In order to ensure cleanliness around the temple, special staff has been engaged to keep clean the roads leading to the shrine. The Trust also arranges for anna-dana (feeding the needy) everyday and on two Ekadashi days every month. Anna-dana is also arranged during the three day festivals.

The shrine has started attracting an increasing number of devotees and the Trust is required to provide better facilities, amenities and services.

The Trust runs a ‘Samskar Kendra’ for children to inculcate right values in the younger generation.

The Trust organizes an annual ‘padayatra’ or ‘dindi’ of Baba’s palkhi (palanquin) to Pandharpur, in the month of Margashirsha (December).

The programme of Haripaath is performed daily after the evening arati.

Photographs and books published by the Trust are available for sale at the Mandir. It is also proposed to keep books on Sai Baba in English, Telugu and Hindi, in the near future.